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28th DAAAM International Symposium and 16th DAAAM Scientific Book 2017

We are happy to tell you that the Proceedings of the 27th International DAAAM Symposium, 2016 has been indexed in Scopus! Please inform your colleagues. All papers are cross-referenced and are permanently accessible on the Internet over CrossRef for free of charge download.

It is my pleasure to inform you that the preparations for DAAAM Week 2017 and 28th DAAAM International Symposium are running excellent. The 28th DAAAM Symposium will be held in Hotel Kolovare, Zadar, Croatia, EU, under the auspices of Danube Rectors´ Conference during the period 08th-11th November 2017.

Accommodations: Accommodations for all DAAAM 2017 conference participants are recommended in Hotel Kolovare. DAAAM members will receive a significant accommodation discount – more info soon.
Proceedings: All accepted papers we will published in the proceedings of the 28th DAAAM International Symposium. All papers will be cross-referenced and over CossRef they will permanently accessible on the Internet, for free of charge download. Curran Proceedings – New York will publish book form of the proceedings. Proceedings will be sent to the evaluation for indexing in all relevant databases.
Fees: Use the discount by paying before 2017-09-01.


First step: If you want to take a part in any of DAAAM activities during DAAAM Week 2017, you must apply for DAAAM Membership 2017.
Second step: All authors have to submit an abstract for suitability check. Prepare your abstract template according to instructions and submit your abstract for review.
Third step: Based on the abstract suitability results, download the official DAAAM 2017 templates.
Fourth step: Prepare your paper according to the instructions and submit your paper.
The call for papers is announced for:
1) The 28th DAAAM International Symposium
The 28th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation.
2) 16th DAAAM International Scientific Book 2017

DAAAM International Scientific Book is a very successful project.

If you want to present your research project and newest results as a chapter of DAAAM International Scientific Book 2017 - you are welcome.
Call for the participation in the 6th DAAAM International Doctoral School

6th DAAAM International Doctoral School will be organized during DAAAM week 2017-11-05/12. Main organizers are DAAAM International Vienna, University of Zadar – Universitas Studiorum Jadertina, University of Mostar – Universitas Studiorum Mostariensis, Moscow State Technological University „Stankin“, The National Research University Higher School of Economics, International Academy of Engineering, Synergy Network. The main target of the School is to support development of doctoral students to doctors of technical sciences. Advanced topics will cover wide range from: How to be a doctor of technical sciences, creative problem solving, over case studies till personal consultations and discussions with leading international scientists and researchers. During last five years we had about 130 doctoral students and about 50 teachers from more than 25 countries. The number of students and doctor fathers / teachers is limited. Successful participants will get an official diploma including 4 ECTS points.

Festo Scholarship and Festo Prize: Festo Scholarship and Festo Prize: Young researchers and scientists are welcome to take place in the competitions for Festo Scholarship for doctoral students at 6th Doctoral School. Since many years company Festo gives prizes as significant financial supports for best young authors for attending symposium and presenting of their research results.

Doktorski studij


Doktorski studij "Politehnika" organizovan je na Univerzitetu "Džemal Bijedić" za sticanje doktorata iz Tehničkih nauka (oblast Građevinarstvo, oblast Mašinstvo, oblast Informatika).